2023 CloudXOS Phil Conference
2023 Philippine Cloudnative and Opensource Summit

Cloudnative | XOps | Opensource | Security

March 29, 2023

Manila, Philippines

Cloudnative Microservice | DevOps | Digital Transformation | Cyber Security | Kubernetes | Containerization | AI & ML | Big Data | Opensource |
About the event
The pandemic made the years where we see some of this decade’s most exciting technologies become commercially viable, and others finally go mainstream. In the software engineering field, the adoption of AI, big data, cloud computing, and cloud-native are accelerating digitalization for businesses.

CloudxOS 2023 focuses on a full range of cloud-native, cybersecurity, and open-source technologies and is committed to defining the standard of the next generation of software engineering. The event will gather 300+ attendees and it will be live with a face-to-face experience where senior software engineers, architects, and team leads connect, learn, and grow. Experts and developers from various backgrounds will be sharing their cutting-edge technical practical experience and cases.

The majority of the attendees of this event will be from the Southeast Asia region (Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam), India, and China. Due to the current travel restriction, CloudxOS 2023 will be presented with exhibitions, conferences, peer networking sessions, business matching sessions, and discussion groups.
Digital Transformation
Big Data
Data Privacy
DevOps / SecOps
Cloud Security
Cloud Native Microservice
  • 400+

  • 61%

    Software/ IT

    & Cloud Managers

  • 30+

    Speakers/ Panellists
  • 20+

    Dedicated Sessions
  • 30+

    Case Studies
  • 300+

    Businesses across SE Asia
  • 10+

    Countries Represented
  • 200+

    Media Coverage
Attendees Breakdown
CIOs/COOs/CTOs/CFOs/IT & IS Directors
IT Management
IT Architects
Chief of Digital Transformation (CDX)
Head of DevOps
Head of Enterprise Architecture
Head of Architecture (Not physical building architect)
Head of Software Development
Head of Networks / Network Infrastructure
Head of Sysadmin
Heads of Innovation
Heads of Digital
Heads of Emerging Technology
Solution Architect
Head of Enterprise Architecture
Head of Cloud Technical
Head of Cloud Division
IT Project Manager

Infrastructure Manager/Architect

Global Solutions Architect

Network Architect

Network Engineer

Network Manager

Network Design Services Manager

IT Systems Manager

IT Operations Manager

IT Consultant

Chief Internet of Things (IoT) Officer

Enterprise Internet of Things

Enterprise Mobility Management

DevOps Consultant / Specialist / Lead

Cloud Solutions Architect / Consultant

Lead DevOps Engineer

IT Support Architect

Lead Architect

Senior Developer

Senior Cloud Engineer/Cloud Engineer

Technical Architect

Lead Developer

Development Architect

Technical Team Leader

IT Architect

Blockchain prototyping Architect/Developer

Blockchain Econometrician / Developer

Blockchain system architect

Blockchain software engineer

VC (Venture capitalists)/Investors

IT innovators, implementers

Regulators, early adopters and enterprise users

IoT Product Manager

IoT Architect

IoT Developer

Industrial IoT Engineer

IoT Business Designer

Fuller Stack Developer

  • 9.11%

    Cloud Expert

  • 9.3%

    Software Engineers

  • 9.5%

    DevOps engineers

  • 17.5%

    Data, Analytics & BI

  • 12.4%

    IT Architect

  •  3.94%

    Operations Customer Experiences, Marketing

  • 3.41%

    Product Manager

  • 11.29%


  • 5.95%

    QA/Test Managers

Anthony Garcia

ICT Director and CISO

Miriam College


CyberSecurity Philippines-CERT

Gemma Rose Dublan

AVP, Head of Data Analytics

Megaworld Corporation

Francis Adrian Viernes

Head of IT


Kenneth Catugas
Alexis Bernardino

Customer Field CISO/Cloud Security Evangelist

PLDT Enterprise


CIO as a Service/ Bits2b / Bits4s

Petr Sebesta


R.C. Medina Consultancy Corp.

Engr. Raymond Medina


Analytics Association of the Philippines

Michelle Alarcon
Sherwin Pelayo

Executive Director

Analytics Association of the Philippines

Head of Data Science Solutions

UnionBank of the Philippines

Josh Bosiños
Head of Production Security
Maya Philippines, Inc.
Chester Brian Guerrero
Executive Director
PwC Philippines- Isla Lipana & Co.
Mark Anthony Almodovar
Raphael Francis Quisumbing

Head of Product



Hactiv Colab Inc. & BayaniChain

Paul Soliman
Data Quality Assurance and Analytics Innovation Head
Eastwest Banking Corporation
Louise Castillo
Country CIO
Sodexo Philippines & Vietnam
Mark Rivera
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  • Exhibition

    20+ solutions

    providers technology

    companies from around

    the world gather to display their latest cyber solutions. Additionally, governmental bodies present their cybersecurity programs and initiatives.

  • Conference

    Heads of central banks, gov officials, C-level executives,

    entrepreneurs, experts,

    and other top-tier representatives and officials have a unique opportunity to participate in panels, and stand-alone slots on a variety of topics concerning the retail banking sector

  • One to One Meetings

    Sponsors will receive a

    delegate list one week prior the event with the attendees name and job titles, and selected sponsors are privileged to make a wish-list of their potential clients, we will pre-arrange those one to one meetings and it will be conducted in a private room

  • Networking

    Extensive networking Opportunities at this

    summit including speed dating, gala lunch, tea break session, cocktail party. A Must attend event to connect, engage with your corporate buyers and join discussions about the most relevant trends in cybersecurity.

Running Agenda


- ASEM, Cloud Native Oriented Intelligent Software Engineering Model

- The Evolution and Changing Face of Open Source The State of Open Source

- Michelle Alarcon, President, Analytics Association of the Philippines

09:45 - 10:05 AM

- Open Tool Chains With Cloud Native Development

- Challenges and Best Practices for Next Generation Open Source Software Architectures

- TBC, 24x7 by Zoho Corporation

10:10 - 10:30 AM

- Best practices for monitoring and securing multi-cloud environments

- Kubernetes and the Modern Enterprise

10:30 - 10:55 AM

Morning Tea Break

11:00 - 11:20 AM

- Leveraging Cloud Native Technology to Transform your Enterprise - The Future of Kubernetes

- Challenges and Opportunities

11:25 - 11:45 AM

- Cloud Transformation: Security and Visibility in the Accelerated Journey

- Learn, Grow and Succeed in Kubernetes Contributions

11:50 - 12:30 PM

Panel Discussion

– Cloud-Native & Open Source: Leveraging the Technology to Drive Digital Transformation: 2023 Challenges and Developments

- The Value of DevOps Transformation in the Digital Enterprise

12:30 - 13:30 PM


13:30 - 13:50 PM

- Cloud Security in the Age of Distributed DevOps

- Containerization: Problems of Today and Potential for Tomorrow

13:55 - 14:15 PM

- Current State of DevOps in the Cloud-Native Era

- Essential Practices for Containerized Applications

14:20 - 15:00 PM

Panel Discussion

- DevSecOps: Emerging Cloud Security Trends in an Ever-Changing Threat Landscape


- Mark Anthony Almodovar, Executive Director, PwC Philippines - Isla Lipana & Co.


- Gemma Rose Dublan, CIO, CyberSecurity Philippines-CERT

- Alexis Bernardino, Customer Field CISO/Cloud Security Evangelist, PLDT Enterprise

- Engr. Raymond Medina, President, R.C. Medina Consultancy Corp.

15:00 - 15:25 PM
15:30 - 15:50 PM

- Transitioning to a Cloud Data Architecture

- Lean & Agility

15:55 - 16:15 PM

- Cloud and Big Data: What You Need to Know in 2023 and Beyond


16:20 - 17:00 PM

Panel Discussion

- AI & Machine Learning: Big Data, Big Analytics, and the Biggest Insights on its Impact


- Sherwin Pelayo, Executive Director,Analytics Association of the Philippines


- Francis Adrian Viernes, AVP, Head of Data Analytics, Megaworld Corporation

- Josh Bosiños, Head of Data Science Solutions, UnionBank of the Philippines

- Louise Castillo, Data Quality Assurance and Analytics Innovation Head, East West Banking Corporation

- Paul Soliman, Founder/CEO/CTO, Hactiv Colab Inc. & BayaniChain

End of Event
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The DAOPS Foundation is a non-profit organization (NPO) committed to accelerating global digital transformation through technical standardization. It was founded in 2018 and is registered in Singapore.
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Event Date:
March 29, 2023

Event Venue:
Manila, Philippines, TBA

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